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In a world of drive-thru’s, on-demand and pre-approval, it’s hard to accept that the Shift is NOT going to be some mind-blowing cosmic event that manifests in a perfect world by some time late next week.

Far from it. The Shift, or the accelerating sequence of events we are in the midst of experiencing, is about change in humanity, beginning at an individual level. See, first we have to change US, and since WE relate to this third-dimensional existence as individuals, we cannot change the collective until we change the I or ME. 

Each individual soul is here for a reason right now. I believe some are here to learn, some are here to experience and some are here to choose. Some of us are here to assist those waking up.

Within the framework of our culture right now exists a powerful movement attracting many individuals. It goes by plenty of names: New Age, New Thought, Abundance, Law of Attraction, Starseeds, Lightbringers or Light Warriors, and yes, even less kind names like hippies, kooks or my personal favorite, witchcraft.

If you can get past the labels, we begin to see a deeper, much more spiritual aspect in any of these ideas. Some seekers feel more at home talking about angels while others gravitate toward channeling or otherworldly, benevolent entities guiding their path. Some return to the old religions, others re-create more recent belief systems.

Some are being called to energy arts like Reiki, Yoga, Qi-Gong or a myriad of other modalities. Others are making use of the wealth of technology available, studying any and all disciplines, learning and sifting through the information and creating something wholly new and unique unto themselves. 

The beauty of this system is that there is no wrong answer. It’s not about right or wrong, it’s not about living in fear or being refused salvation. It’s about taking another step closer to your soul. It’s about finding your passion, understanding your purpose and getting closer to the spark of Source Energy that is the true self.

It’s peeling back the layers to get at the true crux of who and what we are, and how we can make things better for all of us. It’s about clean air and water, a healthier planet and kinder, more spiritual based living. But before we can experience this globally, we have to enact the changes within ourselves.

Some of these changes are small: be kinder, slow down, be grateful. Others have bigger changes to make or harder lessons to learn. A few years ago, no one was talking about ‘waking up’ or ‘finding their passion’, yet now it’s everywhere. And while commercialization tends to muddy the waters, the joys and successes that are being experienced are incredible.

If you find yourself being drawn to any or several of these movements, take the time to investigate. Read, watch videos on YouTube, attend lectures try something new. Not everything is going to resonate, but don’t be afraid to discard the old in favor of what works for you, the individual. If it makes you a better person or gives you more fulfillment, it’s the change you want to see in the world, and it’s your Shift. Embrace it.